Make your own Yoda Costume

Size matters not, or so says Yoda the wise and centuries old Jedi Master from the Star Wars trilogies who is only 66 cm tall. As leader of the Jedi High Council, this character of mysterious species is extremely gifted with The Force. Yoda possesses and amazing amount of power despite his diminutive size. Yoda was always looking for a great warrior and believed in the importance of training up young padawan Jedi. If you are a fan of Yoda or the Star Wars franchise in general, you can make a mighty impression in a Yoda costume that you make yourself.

Items needed to make your Yoda Costume

Items Needed:
Khaki pants
Khaki shirt
Ecru bath robe
Brown sash
Yoda mask
Yoda hand gloves
Green light sabre


Step 1: For your Yoda costume you will need to create a base layer of khaki clothing including pants and a shirt; these may be casual sweats or pants and a button down, whatever you are comfortable in.

Step 2: Layer over this base an ecru or off–white colored bath robe. Or, you can purchase a pattern and fabric to make one of your own. If you are able to get a hooded robe, even better!

Step 3: Wrap a brown sash or “obi” around your waist and wear a pair of simple brown work boots with your Yoda costume.

Step 4: You can attempt to create the wrinkled, light green complexion of Yoda with makeup, but it will be much easier to wear a Yoda costume mask that details his signature facial features and pointy ears. Yoda hand gloves are also available to give you the three–fingered, long–clawed look of this Jedi Master’s green hands.

Step 5: Finally, be prepared to show off your combat skills with a green light saber that was known to be Yoda’s laser blade color. Most light sabers illuminate in the dark and make the authentic whirring noise of this fictional weapon in action.

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