Make your own Wonder Woman Costume

Wonder Woman proves that not all awesome superheroes are men. This Amazonian goddess is both fierce and strong and can disarm the criminal element with her breathtaking gorgeousness – and lasso of truth! Her secret identity is Diana Prince, a government agent who moonlights as Wonder Woman when the need calls. If your are ready to dish out a heaping dose of justice, suit up in a Wonder Woman costume that you can even make from home.

Items needed to make your Wonder Woman Costume

Items Needed:
Red leotard
Bright blue miniskirt
White fabric paint
Star stamp or potato
2 yards red fabric
Red ribbon
Gold belt
Long brown wig
Recycled containers
Gold paint
Gogo boots


Step 1: First you’ll need to start off with a red leotard, preferably sleeveless. If you are crafty, use a metallic gold pen to draw the Wonder Woman emblem in the center of the leotard.

Step 2: For a more modest look that skimp bottoms, wear a blue miniskirt over the red leotard. You can choose a straight style, or the more popular flounced style (a running, tennis or dancing skirt would work perfectly). Use a foam stamper shaped like a star (or a stamp carved from a potato) and make imprints randomly around the skirt with white fabric paint. Let dry.

Step 3: Fashion her cape from a couple yards of red fabric that is gathered with a ribbon drawstring. To do this, make a casing by folding the fabric over about 1–inch and sewing down along the edge; slip ribbon through the casing with safety pin attached as a “threader”. When finished, tie ribbon in bow around neck and let cape dangle over shoulders.

Step 4: If you do not naturally have long brown hair, you will want to wear a wig that you then top with a tiara or golden diadem. Other accessories include her bullet–deflecting arm cuffs that can be made from recycled plastic containers and gold paint.

Step 5: Finish off your Wonder Woman costume with a pair of white, red or blue go go boots and a length of white rope that has been looped up into a lasso.

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