Make your own Wolverine Costume

Wolverine is a rebel “superhero“ from the X–men series of comics, anime and feature motion pictures. Most recently played by actor Hugh Jackman, this mutant has a fused skeleton of indestructible metal, retractable razor–sharp claws and a hairy appearance. This bad boy (who is actually good) can regenerate, that’s pretty cool! There are many Wolverine costumes on the market, but you can make a much cooler one with items you have at home and a few special props.

Items needed to make your Wolverine Costume

Items Needed:
Sideburn kid and/or wig
Black jeans
White ribbed tank top
Black combat boots
Replica military tabs
Store–bought claws or,
Grey or black gloves
10 chop sticks

Step 1: Create the base of your Wolverine costume with a pair of black or blue jeans, a belt, and ribbed, white tank top to show off your developed wolverine muscles. Cut a few slashes into the front and back of the shirt that will look like cuts made by your sharp blades. Also, rub a little dirt onto the shirt to make it look as if you’ve just been battling one of the bad guys.

Step 2: Style your hair to look like Wolverine’s distinctive rebel locks. Definitely a must–have is long sideburns and you can achieve these with a special facial hair kit.

Step 3: Wear a pair of black cowboy boots on your feet and set of military dog tags on a chain around your neck.

Step 4: The final and essential touch is a pair of metal claws. You can purchase these specially made for Wolverine costumes or you can make a pair by spray painting 10 wooden chopsticks with sliver paint and sewing five to the tops of each glove, securing all the way down the finger tip with thread.

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