Make your own Witch Costume

Wicked or kindly, warty or beautiful, traditional or totally modern; while there are many styles of witches, they do have one thing in common and that is magic. Able to perform magical spells with incantations, chants, wands or just wiggling a nose around, a witch is out of this world. Make your own witch costume and let the magic making begin.

Items needed to make your Witch Costume

Items Needed:
Black clothing
2 yards black fabric
Black ribbon
Black lace up boots
Black stockings
Witch hat
Black or gray wig
Green makeup
Long black fingernails


Step 1: To create a witchy wardrobe, you’ll need doom and gloom black clothing. A long black dress is ideal or you can wear a black skirt and black blouse. There is no need to purchase something special because everyone already has enough black in their closets.

Step 2: Unfold the black fabric and fold over the edge of one of the short sides about 1–inch. Sew or glue this edge down to make a casement for a black ribbon that you will thread a ribbon through. Gather this up and tie around the neck as a cape; trim the bottom edge with a jagged edge to fit your height.

Step 3: Wear a pair of dark stockings, whatever suits your witch style. From opaque black tights and fishnet stockings to shimmering hose and ripped leggings, there are many choices for your witch costume.

Step 4: A must have for your witch costume, is a traditional pointed witch hat with a wide brim. You will have no trouble finding this very popular Halloween hat at the costume shop. You’ll also want to wear a pair of lace–up granny style boots or even Puritanical–looking shoes with golden buckles.

Step 5: For the facial features, you can paint your face with green makeup and add warts or a long and crooked prosthetic nose. Paint your fingernails black or add long glue–one tips.

Step 6: Finally, head to the kitchen and grab a broom for a fun party prop that makes it look as if you just flew in from your lair.

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