Make your own Wilma Flintstone Costume

Yabba Dabba Doo! “The Flintstones“ was a long–running animated series in the Seventies that is still just as popular today. The popularity of this Stone Age show comes partly from the character of Wilma Flintstone. Wilma Flintstone is the chic, prehistoric wife of Fred who suffers along through all his mischief and messes. Wilma was also good friends with next–door–neighbor, Betty Rubble. Aficionados of this prehistoric parody can create a Wilma Flintstone costume that is sure to go down in history.

Items needed to make your Wilma Flintstone Costume

Items Needed:
2 yards animal print fabric, like zebra
1 yard of “ width elastic
12 one–inch diameter Styrofoam balls
Big blunt needle
Orange character wig or,
Orange spray–on hair paint


Step 1: Wilma Flintstone may have just been one of the first fashionistas every dress she has is oozing with Stone Age style. An easy Wilma costume to replicate is a dress with a large attached necklace that helps keep it up. First, lay out your fabric folded crosswise; trim a strip off to fit your figure better (save this strip). Also cut across the folded part, thus creating two pieces.

Step 2: Keeping the two pieces together, sew up the sides from top to bottom. You’ll now have a “tube“. Fold under top and bottom each 1“ and sew down near raw edge to secure. On one side open up seam and slip through enough elastic to hold the dress securely over your chest.

Step 3: Use blunt needle and yarn to string the 12 Styrofoam balls; this will be your “rock“ necklace. Paint the necklace any color you like to represent a certain gem or mineral type.

Step 4: Slip on dress and tie remaining piece of fabric around your waist like a sash (cut down if needed). Tie on necklace and let hang low enough that it touches the top of your dress, safety pin to secure.

Step 5: Wear a brightly colored orange wig or use spray on hair paint to create the up–do that is Wilma Flintstone’s signature style.

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