Make your own Werewolf Costume

Cursed with transforming into a hideous canine monster at the full moon, a werewolf lives a live filled with secrecy and self–contempt. The fascination and fear with man’s metamorphosis in to the dark side grew to near hysteric proportions during the Victorian Era. Whether you are inherently hairy or have baby soft–skin, it is easy to create a werewolf costume at home that is sure to be a howling success.

Items needed to make your Werewolf Costume

Items Needed:
Old flannel shirt
Blue jeans
Elbow–length plastic gloves
Plastic scraps from recyclables
Brown fake fur
Chest hair kit
Beard kit
Face paints
Canine teeth


Step 1: Go through your closet and pick out a pair of old blue jeans and a flannel shirt that you are willing to cut up. Cut rips in both of these articles of clothing to look as if you were ripping and clawing at yourself during the horrific transformation process.

Step 2: Add a pair of furry gloves worn peeking out from the rolled up sleeves of flannel shirt. If you can’t find werewolf gloves, wear a pair of brown knit gloves that you glue with tufts of brown faux fur and glue on plastic fingernail shapes you have cut from recycled plastic (like a margarine tub lid).

Step 3: Unbutton your shirt about half–way and use a chest hair kit or even tufts of the brown faux fur for the look of an all–over hairy body.

Step 4: For your face, you can wear an over–the–head werewolf face mask, but these can be hot and stifling. Instead you could rub brown face paint over your face and neck and then accentuate with a beard kit or tufts of faux fur until you get the crazed canine look.

Step 4: Finally, add a pair of werewolf canine teeth or even vampire fangs so that you can sink your teeth into your next victim.

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