Make your own Viking Costume

Got a little Viking blood running through your veins? These Nose warriors and sea–faring explorers were known for their brutish ways, love for “partying”, and distinctive clothing. Pelts of bear, wolf or vermin fur provided warmth in the freezing conditions and imposing armor (especially the horned helmet) added to their legendary status added warriors. If you are mead–drinking, cold–weather loving kind of guy who doesn’t mind bloodying up the opponent in battle, the a Viking Costume

Items needed to make your Viking Costume

Items Needed:
Black pants
Black tunic
Brown belt
Brown boots
Brown leather strips
2 yards Faux fur
1 ½ yard heavy dark fabric
Sword or,
Thor’s Hammer
Viking Helmet


Step 1: Create the base for your Viking costume with a pair of black or dark pants, a matching shirt or tunic that falls to mid–thigh and a brown belt and shoes.

Step 2: Add to the Scandinavian look with faux fur embellishments. Cut four rectangles, 2 the right size to be wrapped around your arms and 2 sized for your lower legs. Attach these fur tops to your forearms and around your shins with brown leather strips that criss–cross; tie to secure.

Step 3: From the dark, heavy fabric, create a cape to be worn for warmth. Hem one of the raw edges and fold down the other raw edge about 1–inch to create a casing; sew along edge to secure. Thread leather strip through casing and glue or sew on additional fur embellishments. To wear gather fabric up on leather strip and wear flung over shoulder, tied at the neck.

Step 4: Purchase a Viking helmet with horns or make your own version with a plastic bowl and pointed paper water cups painted to look like Norse–wear for the noggin.

Step 5: Finally, to show that your Viking costume is ready for combat, you will need to have a fierce sword or the legendary Thor’s Hammer.

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