Make your own Vampire Costume

Whether fact or fiction, the idea of vampires lurking in the midnight shadows ready to feast off the blood of innocent victims has always been a top Halloween costume choice. There are many types of vampires, from the traditional Victorian stereotype of an almost aristocratic gentleman with a little secret to the modern, teenage vampires feature in the movie “Twilight“. If you need a project to sink your teeth in, it is easy to create your own vampire costume at home.

Items needed to make your Vampire Costume

Items Needed:
Cape or 2 yards black fabric
Pale makeup
Black eyebrow pencil
Fake fangs
Tube of fake blood


Step 1: Scour the vintage shops for a vintage tuxedo, preferably with distinguished tails. You’ll need the whole suit plus a white dress shirt, cummerbund and bow tie. You can also choose a vest in a dark paisley or stripe favored by well–appointed men in the 19th century.

Step 2: Vampire costumes always feature a full cape that is often help up to shield this night creature’s fanged face right before the bite. If you do not have a cape, one can simply be made with black fabric. Fold over the edge of one of the short sides about 1–inch and sew or glue down to make a casement for a black ribbon to be threaded through. Gather up fabric and tie around the neck as a cape; trim the bottom edge to fit your height

Step 3: To achieve a complexion that looks like you’ve never seen the sun, use pale make over your entire face. Slick back your hair with gel and use a black eyebrow pencil to draw in a widow’s peak.

Step 4: For a look that says “I vant to suck your blood“ add a set of vampire fangs and use a tube of faux blood to add a few drops at the corners of the mouth.

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