Make your own V for Vendetta Costume

Fan of fantasy–thriller movies? Then you surely no stranger to the “V for Vendetta” film based on the novel of the same name. With the plot taking place in the U.K, the primary character is the enigmatic man named “V”. A renegade freedom fighter, V is looking to take down a fascist government and help restore humanity in the dystopian society in which he and his love interest live. “Only when you have no fear are you free” are the words that V lives by as he unfolds his personal vendetta on the world. Dressing up is a V for Vendetta costume is a mysterious costume that will give you dark edge.

Items needed to make your V for Vendetta Costume

Items Needed:
Black pants
Black shirt
2 yards black fabric
Black ribbon or cording
Black boots
Black “caballero” hat
White face paint
Black eyeliner
Prop daggers and black belt
Shoulder– length black wig
Mustache and beard kit


Step 1: To create a V for Vendetta costume, you’ll need to create a base layer of black, and only black because black is his trademark style. Dress in a pair of black pants with a long–sleeved black shirt with Western black boots and even a black belt.

Step 2: Next you will need to create the cape which will rustle as you run through the streets of London. Take approximately 2 yards of black fabric and create a fold down the top raw edge approximately 1–inch; sew along edge. Gather up the cape with a length of black cording or ribbon sent through the casing; use a safety pin attached to the ribbon for a guide. To wear, drape over your shoulders and gather up around your neck with ribbon tied for security.

Step 3: Create the face of V with white makeup rubbed all over your face and detailing made with black eyeliner; you may want to refer to a photograph. You will also need to wear a shoulder–length black wig and a curled up mustache and “soul patch” spot of hair on the chin. Wear a flat top– wide brimmed black hat that looks similar to the Spanish “caballero” hat.

Step 4: Finally, you will need at least four imposing daggers for your V for Vendetta costume. These will be used for fending off the evil governmental enemy that can all be kept in a black belt with holsters worn around the waist.

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