Make your own Trinity Costume

Trinity is the female character from the Matrix movie series about a fictional futuristic world that is not so great. In the Matrix, humans are oppressed and used as energy sources for the evil government; Trinity along with Neo and Morpheous work as renegades to free their fellow man from the androids that control them. In particular, Trinity is a hacker, computer programmer and skilled martial artist. Female fans of the Matrix will enjoy dressing up as the hero Trinity in her all black costume for Halloween or any dress up party. Try making one yourself!

Items needed to make your Trinity Costume

Items Needed:
Black pants or leggings
Black blouse
Black boots
Patent leather black duster coat
Dark sunglasses


Step 1: A Trinity costume is almost effortless to make, most of the items will already be in your closet. First, you will want to create a base layer that consists of a black shirt, black pants and a pair of black boots. You can wear casual black jeans and a casual black t–shirt or go sexier with leggings, an eye–popping blouse and sexy thigh–high boots – just make sure everything is black!

Step 2: The most important piece of the Trinity costume is the long black duster coat made of shiny pleather or patent leather. Look for a duster coat that buttons up the front and has a stand–up mandarin–style collar (not a lapel). Wear the jacket buttoned up from the waist to the neck, but opened from the waist down. As you perform the highly choreographed martial arts moves featured in the Matrix, you will look like one tough chick the real deal punching, kicking and flipping in a coat that moves with you.

Step 3: Finally for your Trinity costume, slick your dark hair back behind your ears and put on a pair of dark, dark sunglasses for the cool, enigmatic look of almost every character featured in the movie series.

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