Make your own Tinkerbell Costume

Tinkerbell is the petite pixie from Peter Pan that girls of all ages adore, especially after Disney’s animated adaptation. With her own fairy wings and special pixie dust she can fly, she can fly, she can fly! There are many styles of Tinkerbell costumes to purchase, but making your own version of this sassy sidekick’s outfit is truly special.

Items needed to make your Tinkerbell Costume

Items Needed:
Pale green leotard
yard iridescent chiffon
yard pale green tulle
Elastic, enough to fit waist
Fairy wings or white hose and coat hangers
Scrap cardboard
Craft paints
Ballet slippers


Step 1: Cut chiffon and tulle into 2–inch strips lengthwise. Measure elastic to fit child’s waist comfortably and secure with a knot. Alternate chiffon and tulle strips around the skirt, knotting onto elastic in middle of the fabric strip (save a few of the fabric strips for wand). Paired over the leotard, this makes a fun, fluffy skirt that any girl will love to dance around in!

Step 2: Purchase fairy wings in a variety of styles and colors or inexpensively make a pair yourself. To make wings for your Tinkerbell costumes, simply use wire coat hangers shaped into wings. Slip sections of white panty hose over the wing frames and secure. At this point, you can spread glue and sprinkle glitter all over the front of the wings for a special effect. Add elastic so that you can wear over your shoulders comfortably.

Step 3: Make a fairy wand by cutting out a star shape from cardboard; paint and decorate as you see fit. Gut onto a dowel and tie on the reserved chiffon and tulle strips (may need to cut down to make smaller). Wear a pair of comfortable ballet slippers with your Tinkerbell costume.

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