Make your own The Spirit Costume

Ghost, goblin or apparition, there will definitely be something spooky about you when you show up on the scene in a the Spirit costume. Depending if you are a good spirit or a bad, a cold chill or a warm feeling will waft through room. Homemade spirit costumes of the past were just an old bed sheet thrown over the head but today you can make a the spirit costume that is much more interesting. Boo!

Items needed to make your The Spirit Costume

Items Needed:
White leotard
White tights
Two yards of gauzy white material
Two yards of white chiffon
White face paint
Glitter lotion
Duct tape


Step 1: Check a dance shop, athletic store or even your own closet for a white leotard and white tights. The leotard can be short–sleeved, sleeveless or long–sleeved; it doesn’t matter as long as it is white.

Step 2: Lay out fabric and layer one on top of each other. Cut into strips that are about 3 inches wide. Secure the strips, in an alternating fashion, to the arms, shoulders and neckline of your white leotard.

Step 3: Use special effects make up to achieve the pallid and deathly complexion of a person who has passed on. Your skin should be very pale and with grey and black accents at the eyes to make them look sunken and almost skeletal. If you want to be a pretty ghost, when rub some glitter lotion on your cheeks and shoulders.

Step 4: A clever ghost prop to make is a chain to drag along just like pictured in the movies. Unroll duct tape and attach the sticky side to foil. Next cut foil–lied duct tape into 6–inch sections. For first section into a circle and secure with more tape, next loop through the circle and secure with more tape; repeat until a chain is formed!

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