Make your own Terminator Costume

The Terminator is a series of science–fiction movies that stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as a cyborg character that is sent on a mission to fight the Tech–com resistance. Get “The Ahnuld“ to come “baaaaack“ and track you down in homemade Terminator bad guy “T600“ cyborg costume based on the movies.

Items needed to make your Terminator Costume

Items Needed:
Black pants
Black work boots
Grey t–shirt, long–sleeved
Scrap cardboard
Black and sliver fabric paint
Leather vest, distressed
Terminator mask or face paint kit


Step 1: To create a costume of the vicious cyborgs, you’ll first need to find a pair of basic black pants and black work boots or black lace up shoes.

Step 2: The shirt part is a bit trickier; find a gray long–sleeved t–shirt or use fabric dye to achieve the same results. Insert a decent sized piece of scrap cardboard inside the shirt (including the arms) to act as a barrier so the fabric paint won’t seep through. With fabric paints in black and metallic silver, freehand a design of circuitry, gears, cogs and whatever else you think might comprise the underpinnings of a Terminator costume. Set aside to dry, repeat process on back of shirt.

Step 3: Track down a distressed leather vest to layer over the shirt. If you can’t find one, then you can get an old leather, faux leather or even fabric jacket and cut the sleeves off. Use some sand paper to rough up the finish a bit.

Step 4: For the face, you can purchase a T600 terminator costume mask that shows part of the real face and part of the circuitry and gizmos that lie beneath the surface. If you prefer something lighter and less confining to wear, you can use a special effects face paint kit to artistically create the look yourself.

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