Make your own Superman Costume

Faster than a speeding bullet, stronger than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound ––– it’s Superman! Superman is probably the most recognizable superhero of all time. Who knew the unassuming newspaper reporter, Clark Kent, was able to turn into Superman to help save the world from criminal wrongdoing?! The one thing Superman definitely doesn’t like is Kryptonite, so stay away from it! If you like to be the good guy, then try your hand at making a homemade Superman costume and flying off to save the day.

Items needed to make your Superman Costume

Items Needed:
Blue running tights
Blue lycra workout shirt, preferably long–sleeved
Red running shorts
Color printer
2 yards red fabric
2 feet red ribbon
Black boots


Step 1: Search online for a Superman logo, copy into an editing program and enlarge enough to fit on your chest. Print the large logo out on a color printer, trim off the excess paper and attach to the blue shirt with safety pins.

Step 2: Fold the short, unfinished ends of the red fabric under approximately 1–inch. Secure onto the shirt by sewing or gluing close to the unfinished edge. On the top side, thread the red ribbon through the casing and gather; this will be your Superman cape.

Step 3: Get suited up in the superman costume by wearing the shirt with the tights with the red shorts pulled up over the tights. Add the red cape and black boots and you’ll be ready to take on the bad guys. If you don’t have black boots, you can even wear a pair of black sneakers to stay comfortable.

Step 4: For a complete look, wear your dark hair slicked back in the style of Superman or purchase and wear an official superman wig.

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