Make your own Sultan Costume

Have a thing for the ladies? Create a harem of female admirers wherever you go dressed in a chic Sultan costume. As the sovereign ruler over a specific dominion, usually in Middle–Eastern countries, the Sultan quite literally means “strength” and “ruler” in those languages. With all his wishes and desires at a beckoned call, the Sultan lives a live of fine luxury and excess in all things. If this sounds like your idea of a good time, then whip up a Sultan costume for your next dress up event!

Items needed to make your Sultan Costume

Items Needed:
Loose pajama style pants
Long tunic
Cloak or,
Fabric for cape
Mustache and beard kit
Toy dagger
Genie lamp


Step 1: From a pattern, sew a loose tunic and pair of roomy pajama or harem style pants from a regal and royal color such as purple or midnight blue; add gold trimmings and other embellishments worthy of the wise leader of all. Tie a contrasting, ornate sash around the tunic at your waist.

Step 2: Layered over the tunic and pants, wear a long cloak or cape that is very voluminous in a plush fabric and detail with an aristocratic flair. If you are unable to find cloak with sleeves, then create a simple–to–make cloak with about 2 yards of fabric such as a velvet or damask. Hem one raw edge of the fabric and on the other side, fold down about 1–inch and sew to create a casing for a ribbon to be threaded through. To wear, gather fabric up on ribbon, drape over the shoulders and tie around the neck.

Step 3: You will also need the distinctive turban headpiece for your Sultan costume. Take about 2 yards of gauzy fabric and twist around the head tightly, tucking the edges in, in the style of a Middle–Eastern turban. Add a feather plume for even more detail.

Step 4: Most sultans also sported facial hair, so use a beard and mustache kit to create a mustache that curls up and a long, thin beard of dark brown hair.

Step 5: Finish up your Sultan costume with a pair of slippers, a gem–encrusted dagger and perhaps even an oil lamp containing your magic genie.

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