Make your own Stripper Costume

Performing the “striptease” has been an art since ancient civilizations. From thousands of years ago to today, the idea is the same; to slowly remove clothing in a seductive and sexually suggestive manner. From sashaying at gentlemen’s’ clubs and jumping out of cakes at bachelor parties to dancing in musical revues and performing in the bedroom, a stripper really knows how to heat things up. Whether you choose to shake your stuff as a seriously sexy stripper or create a sensation as a larger–than–life parody of a stripper, your costume is sure to be rated “M” for marvelous.

Items needed to make your Stripper Costume

Items Needed:
Skin–tone bodysuit
Thigh–high fishnet stockings
Garter belt
Glitter paint
2 tassels
High heels
Long cascading wig
Dollar bills


Step 1: To maintain some modesty in your stripper costume, wear a nude or flesh–toned body suit. Over the body suit you can wear as skimpy of a g–string as you like and not worry about having almost everything expose. Next, slip into a pair of fishnet thigh–high–stockings help up by a garter belt and finally a pair of sexy stiletto heels. If you can find Lucite platform sandals, even better for the total striper vibe!

Step 2: To create the traditional stripper “pasties”, use a glittery paint pen to design two circle or star shapes on top of the leotard where the nipples would be. Then, sew a tassel on each side so that you can twirl them around with all your burlesque beauty and specialized skill.

Step 3: Finally, for you stripper costume, you will want to wear a long cascading wig of pretty blonde or enigmatic brown locks and glamorous makeup to create to total feminine fantasy. To look like you’ve been working hard all night, stick a few dollar bills in the sides of your g–string.

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