Make your own Sponge Bob Costume

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Sponge Bob Squarepants does, along with his posse full of strange ocean buddies. Sponge Bob is a very popular character with kids and adults alike, and is well known for his unusual shape (he looks like a kitchen sponge instead of a sea sponge) and plain brown pants. Sometimes you’ll see him in a cook’s apron when he’s flipping crabby patties on the grill. A Sponge Bob costume can be made at home with some simple craft supplies and a free afternoon.

Items needed to make your Sponge Bob Costume

Items Needed:
2 large pieces of yellow poster board
Craft paint set in a range of colors
8 binder rings, available at office supply store
Yellow long sleeved shirt
Brown pants


Step 1: One piece of the poster board will be used as the front of the Sponge Bob costume and one piece will be used for the back. Referring to a picture of Spongebob, sketch out his facial features and sponge “marks“ and pants.

Step 2: Paint your creation using colorful paints to match the Sponge Bob we all know and love. Set aside to dry.

Step 3: This Spongebob costume is going to be worn “sandwich board“ style. Use a single hole puncher to make two holes near where each shoulder will be. Open up binder rings and fasten through the holes. If this is too restrictive you can substitute yellow ribbon or yard instead of the binder rings. Make additional hole punches and add additional binder clips to the sides below where your arms will stick out to help keep secure.

Step 4: Wear a pair of brown pants and a brown long–sleeved shirt so that any of your own clothing that sticks out from the Spongebob costume will look perfectly coordinated.

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