Make your own Spirit Costume

You’ll have something to cheer about when you make a Spirit costume. Whether you call yourself a cheerleader, yell leader or even drill team member, your mission on the field is to raise the spirits of the team and fans. You can be spirited at professional games, college games and even high school teams, every athletic group needs it’s pep squad! Don’t bother with buying a spirit costume when you can make one at home. Go team!

Items needed to make your Spirit Costume

Items Needed:
Short pleated skirt (women)
Shorts (men)
Letter or Mascot appliqué
Tissue Paper
Pipe cleaners


Step 1: Look through your closed or a resale shop for a real cheerleader skirt or a mini–skirt with box–pleats. Guys can wear a pair of shorts in the team color. Match the skirt or shorts with a coordinating or t–shirt on which you have glued or sewn an appliqué letter or mascot of your favorite team in the middle.

Step 2: Wear folded down bobby socks and a pair of sneakers with your spirit costume so that you can jump around. Or, you could wear black and white saddle shoes for a traditional look.

Step 3: For a prop to shake about, make your own pompoms out of one or two colors of tissue paper that match with your spirit costume. Layer the one–half of the paper in alternating colors and cut into 1–inch strips. Pile all the strips you have cut on top of each other and secure snuggly in the middle twisted pipe cleaner. Fluff out to finish up pompom; repeat for second pompom. Bend the end of pipe cleaner to make handles that you can hold on to.

Step 4: It is easy to create a megaphone for your Spirit costume by rolling up a piece of sturdy poster board, trimming as needed, and fastening with glue or tape. Embellish with the name and mascot of the team you’re cheering on!

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