Make your own Spiderman Costume

Get Spidey fever by dressing up as this all–time favorite superhero created in 1962 by Marvel Comics. As the story goes, the mild–mannered fictional high school student, Peter Parker, was bitten by a radioactive spider that left him with the ability to crawl up walls, shoot webs and detect danger with his tingling spider sense. Get in on the action by creating your very own Spiderman costume at home and let your natural arachnid tendencies take charge. The bad guys better take cover unless they want to get “bitten” by your justice enforcement.

Items needed to make your Spiderman Costume

Items Needed:
Bright blue long–sleeved shirt
Bright blue leggings or sweat pants
1 yard red fabric
Black permanent marker
Black boots or boot tops
Spiderman gloves
Spiderman mask


Step 1: The first thing you’ll need to put together for your Spider Man costume is a “base” of bright, royal blue clothing. Anything blue will do, but we suggest a pair of bright blue leggings (like the running style) and a coordinating long–sleeved shirt.

Step 2: Next, take about 1 yard of red cotton fabric and fold in half so that the selvages are lined up. Trim down a bit on the sides to fit the width of your body and then cut a semi–circle shape in the top to create and opening for your head.

Step 3: Use a black permanent marker to create spider–web detailing on the red “tunic”; refer to a picture of Spidey if you need inspiration. Layer this over the blue clothing and secure with safety pins.

Step 4: Finish up your Spiderman costume with a pair of black boots or boot tops for your feet. You’ll also want to step out with a Spider Man mask and matching red Spiderman gloves to conceal your identity.

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