Make your own Speed Racer Costume

Go Speed Racer, go! Join in the fast fun dressed in a kitschy anime–style Speed Racer costume based on the cartoon from the 1960s or from the recent movie adaptations. Speed Racer battles it out on the track with his rival Racer X who in reality actually turns out to be his brother. Fans of Speed Racer, Japanese anime and manga, or just the race cars circuit in general will burn rubber in a Speed Racer costume made in your home pit. So dress up as Speed Racer and get ready to drive away into many adventures!

Items needed to make your Speed Racer Costume

Items Needed:
White jumpsuit, or
White pants and blue shirt
Blue fabric paint
Red scarf
White sneakers
Crash helmet
Orange gloves
Toy monkey


Step 1: The first thing you’ll need for a Speed Racer costume is a white jumpsuit that zippers up the front (you can use a professional painter’s jumpsuit). Use bright blue fabric paint to make a wide stripe down the center of each sleeve. Or, you can wear white pants and a blue shirt reminiscent of the cartoon version. Also put an iron–on initial “G” on the top to represent his Japanese first name, Go.

Step 2: Next, find a crash helmet or a foam replica and put the initial “M” on the front with red permanent marker. The “M” stands for his Japanese last name, Mifune and also the family business Mifune Motors.

Step 3: Your Speed Racer costume will also need a red scarf to tie around your neck and white shoes. Also, slip on a pair of orange gloves to keep a better grip on the steering wheel.

Step 4: For a final touch, you can carry around a stuffed animal toy monkey with your Speed Racer costume to resemble his pet, Chim–Chim.

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