Make your own Snow White Costume

Make your fairytale dreams come true by dressing in a Snow White costume. Snow White is known for her “skin white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony”. Taken out to the woods to be killed at the order of her evil step–mother, the would–be murder spares her life and she is taken in by the kind Seven Dwarves. Later tricked into a bite of a poisoned apple, Snow White stays in a slumber until her prince shows up on the scene with a reviving kiss. If you have secret wish to be rescued by your prince charming, then get dolled up in a beautiful Snow White costume that you make yourself.

Items needed to make your Snow White Costume

Items Needed:
Full yellow skirt
Blue leotard
Red trim
1 yard red fabric
Red ribbon
White felt
Black wig
Apple purse


Step 1: Hunt the resale shops for a yellow skirt; knee, tea or full length will all work. If you cannot find an appropriate skirt, you’ll need about 3 yards of formal fabric (such as taffeta) and a simple pattern to whip one up at home. Wear a full petticoat underneath with numerous layers to “poof” up the yellow skirt.

Step 2: A simple royal blue leotard will make the ideal bodice for your Snow White costume. If desired, you can sew or glue–gun on red trim around the neckline, waist and arms.

Step 3: To create a short cape to wear over the shoulders, star with about 1 yard of red fabric. Fold down the top raw edge approximately 1–inch and sew along edge. Gather up the cape with a length of red ribbon sent through the casing; use a safety pin attached to the ribbon for a guide. To make the stand up collar, cut a double thickness of white felt in the shape of the collar and glue a piece of cardboard in between the two layers. Next, hand sew this stiff collar to the top of the cape.

Step: To be as beautiful as Snow White, use pale makeup for her “snow white” skin, bright red lipstick for her “ruby red lips” and a black bobbed wig for her “ebony” hair. For the final touch, slide into some ballet slippers and put a red headband in your hair. Carry an apple purse for a prop that hints at your fate!

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