Make your own Smurf Costume

Living in the woods in the fictional Smurf Village, the diminutive and distinctively blue Smurfs are a long–loved clan of cartoon characters that first appeared in Belgium in the late 50s. In the 80s, the Smurfs experienced a resurgence of popularity as they skipped along in their peaceful utopia slurping up sarsaparilla and smurberries lunch. Smurfs pretty much look all alike; short, blue–skinned and with white pants and a white cap. To stand apart from one another, Smurfs wear or carry along additional accessories that identify them with a particular profession or personality.

Items needed to make your Smurf Costume

Items Needed:
Bright blue lycra shirt, long–sleeved
Bright blue knit gloves
White overalls
1 8” x 11” rectangle bright blue felt
Poly fiber–fill
White shoes
½ yard white felt
Bright blue makeup


Step 1: Smurfs are blue all over! Instead of turning all your skin blue, wear a tight bright blue athletic shirt with long sleeves and a pair of matching gloves on your hands.

Step 2: Wear a pair of white pants or white overalls over your new blue “skin” and pair with comfy white sneakers for running all over Smurf town in style.

Step 3: Smurfs have tails so use the blue felt to create a two long triangles that you match up and sew down the two longs sides. Flip right–side out and stuff with poly fiber–fill and use needle and thread to attach to the back of your pants.

Step 4: Use blue makeup to paint your entire face and neck blue to match. It is not even know if Smurfs have hair because they wear their signature hats so often. Whip up a smurf hat from heavy white felt, sewing it in the style of cone hat with the top pulled forward. If you need help to keep it from flopping over, just add a little poly fiber fill to the top.