Make your own Shrek Costume

Shrek is definitely not your typical ogre; in fact, he’s quite endearing once you get past his grumpy moods and occasional uncouthness. Perhaps the most noticeable thing about Shrek is that he is green, very green! Shrek makes the move from ordinary ogre to royalty when he marries the lovely Fiona, the beautiful Princess who is cursed to transform into a green ogre every evening at dusk. Show off your big, kind greenness in a homemade Shrek costume that will transport you to the Kingdom of Far, Far Away!

Items needed to make your Shrek Costume

Items Needed:
Plaid pants
Peasant tunic
Brown leather vest
Brown vest
Brown boots
Green face paint or,
Shrek mask
Shrek hands


Step 1: Scour the resale shops for a pair of plaid pants, preferable green and brown plaid but any will do. In a pinch, a pair of dark brown trousers will also work just fine.

Step 2: Next you will need an off–white or white peasant tunic that fits loosely with billowy sleeves and a string–tie in the front. If you are unable to find a peasant shirt, you can make one with a pattern and several yards of gauzy material.

Step 3: Layer the peasant shirt with a short, bolero–style vest in leather, pleather or fabric. Fasten a brown belt around the waist of your Shrek costume and slip some basic brown work boots on your feet.

Step 4: Now for the challenging part; becoming green! You can use green makeup to create this unusual complexion but remember you will need to apply it to the face, neck, hands and all other skin peeking out. Another alterative and easier as well, is to wear a pair of over–sized green Shrek hands and a Shrek mask showcasing his unique facial features in including his ogre horns. You can make your own Shrek gloves with a pair of yellow rubber gloves spray–painted green.

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