Make your own Sherlock Holmes Costume

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional consulting detective from London that was made popular through a series of short stories in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Renowned for his keen wit and intellectual prowess, Sherlock Holmes solved many a case with his finely honed observational and reasoning skills. If you are a fan of this British mystery solver, then it should be elementary that creating his dapper costume will uncover lots of clues for you.

Items needed to make your Sherlock Holmes Costume

Items Needed:
Trench coat or,
Tweed fabric
Pattern for trench coat
White shirt
Brown pants
Brown shoes
Sherlock Holmes hat
Smoking pipe
Magnifying glass


Step 1: A Sherlock Holmes costume features a long coat in the men’s Victorian style which features a capelet design at the shoulders and sash at the waist. If you already have a khaki trench coat, that will work fine. But if you want to stay true to style of this sleuth, have a coat sewn from tweed or brown plaid fabric.

Step 2: Layer Sherlock Holmes costume coat over a base layer of brown trousers, a white dress shirt and brown shoes; he did fancy himself quite the distinguished gentleman.

Step 3: Essential to the look is the Sherlock Holmes hat fashioned from a hound’s–tooth wool with a double bill and earflaps that pull up and attach to the top. In fact, this hat is so iconic that if worn alone you would automatically be associated with this British detective.

Step 4: Accessorize your Sherlock Holmes costume with other accessories such as a pipe (he was known to enjoy lighting up), a magnifying glass and a notepad to jot down important details.

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