Make your own Shepherd Costume

A shepherd is a person who tends to flocks of sheep. You don’t see too many shepherds today, but in biblical times this profession was vital to protecting the livelihood of many families. The most famous shepherd of all times is Joseph, the husband of Mary and Earthly father of Jesus. During the Christmas season, Joseph is an essential character in a living Nativity scene along with other shepherds who made the journey to Bethlehem to see the infant Christ. Making a shepherd costume at home is very simple and can be done in less that an hour.

Items needed to make your Shepherd Costume

Items Needed:
3 yards tan fabric
4 yards brown fabric
1/2 yard of white fabric
Headband, athletic style
5 feet cording
Leather sandals
Shepherd’s crook


Step 1: Create a long tunic from the tan fabric by folding in half and cutting a hole in the center for the head opening and sewing up the sides leaving room for the arms to stick out.

Step 2: With brown fabric, use a pattern to create a long robe that opens in the front and has long bell–shaped sleeves. Layer over the tunic, leaving slightly open, and secure with a corded rope just as natural jute.

Step 3: For the standard shepherd head covering, lay the white fabric (or any print or plaid of your choice) over your head. Fold up the fabric, so that eyes are not covered, and secure with headband.

Step 4: Wear simple leather sandals with your shepherd costume and carry along a shepherd’s crook. A shepherd’s crook is a tall walking stick that has a candy cane shaped top to grab a hold of any wayward sheep I in the flock.

Step 5: Attach a full faux beard and mustache from a kit to create the appearance of a man from another era.

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