Make your own Sheep Costume

Whether “ewe” are a barnyard sheep hanging out with the other animals on the farm or a footloose and fancy free sheep grazing through the fields of Scotland, being a sheep is serious business. So serious that your wool makes clothing for people and folks even count you in their sleep to help nod off. So go ahead and show your fluff but also your substance with a Sheep costume that you can make right at home.

Items needed to make your Sheep Costume

Items Needed:
White fleece sweat pants
White fleece hooded sweat shirt
1 8x11–inch piece white felt
1 8x11–inch piece pink felt
Sheep mask
3 large bags cotton balls
Glue or glue gun
Black cardstock


Step 1: First you will need to purchase a fleece sweat suit in your size taking care to get one with a hood. Cut two sheep ear shapes (about 6–inch paddle shapes) from the white felt and line them with slightly smaller ear shapes in the pink; use glue to secure together. After dried, sew or glue ears onto the sides of sweatshirt hood.

Step 2: Using glue, glue cotton balls all over the hood, ears, arms, front and back of sweatshirt. If you like, you can even do the pants. Let dry.

Step 3: Cut four strips of black cardstock, approximately 4 x 6–inches to act as the “hooves”. To fasten cut a slit about ¼” from each short end, with one cut going up and stopping ¼” inch to the top and the other end going down stopping ¼” from the bottom. Side the cuts together to fasten around your ankles and wrists; detail with a silver metallic marker, if desired.

Step 4: For the final touch, wear a sheep mask that detail all the distinctive features of a sheep’s face.

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