Make your own Shaggy Costume

Scooby Doo may be one of the most popular cartoons of all time starting in the 1970s and still going strong today. The character of Shaggy is one of the members of the teenage crime–fighting gang who travels the country in their iconic van. Whether zombies or ghosts or bank robbers, the Mystery Inc. gang is ready to tackle any job. While Shaggy may be the lazy one of the busy bunch, he’s still one of the funniest characters. It is super easy to make a Shaggy costume at home; you probably already have a lot of the stuff!

Items needed to make your Shaggy Costume

Items Needed:
Bell bottom pants, denim or brown
Green shirt
Brown wig
Goatee kit
Empty cereal box
Construction paper


Step 1: Shaggy is one casual dude, a 1960s beatnik to be exact. A pair of denim or brown hip huggers that are also bell bottoms are ideal for the Shaggy look. If you don’t have a pair of pants like this, then just visit a vintage or resale store to pick out the perfect bottoms for your Shaggy costume. You’ll also need a baggy green shirt to wear untucked and pair of comfy sneakers.

Step 2: If you don’t have “shaggy“ brown hair, then don a wig to achieve Shaggy’s laid–back look. Shaggy also has a goatee; if you are a hardcore Shaggy fan, you can shave your beard into a goatee. Or, simply use a goatee kit from a costume shop to get the whiskers going instantly.

Step 3: Since Shaggy love snacks just as much as his dog Scooby Doo, make a box of yummy munchies to bring along. Cover an empty cereal box with colorful construction paper and use markers to write “Scooby Snacks“, “Goodies“ or anything else you crave!

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