Make your own Secret Agent Costume

The look of secret agent runs the gamut from the distinguished and dashing air of James Bond to the groovy and garish style of Austin Powers. Whether you are a timeless sophisticate or a simply stuck in a time warp, dressing up in a secret agent will guarantee your evening will be full of mystery and intrigue. Enjoy the life of a secret agent including slick and shiny sports cars, gadgets galore and a bevy of beauties at your side. You can make a basic secret agent costume at home and the great thing is that many of the clothing items should already be in your closet – just accessorize with great spy gear!

Items needed to make your Secret Agent Costume

Items Needed:
Black pants
Black jacket
White dress shirt
Black tie
Black dress shoes
Black fedora hat
Dark glasses
Holster and pretend gun
Aluminum briefcase
Spy gadgets


Step 1: The typical secret agent costume is based in black, so that you can stealthily move throughout the night and blend in with the crowd during the day. Wear black trousers and black dress shoes on the bottom and a white button–down shirt, black tie and black jacket on the top.

Step 2: Hide behind a black fedora hat and pair of dark shades so that no one notices or can recall your identity when you arrive on the scene.

Step 3: Under your Secret Agent costume, wear an under jacket holster and pretend pistol concealed under your jacket; you never know when the bad guy might decide to start a shoot–out.

Step 4: Bring along an aluminum briefcase filled with all sorts of spy gadgets for your latest mission. You’ll be able to follow every clue from the requisite magnifying glass to more exotic spy gadgets such as eavesdropping devices and night–vision goggles.

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