Make your own Santa Claus Costume

It wouldn’t be Christmas time with out a jolly Santa Claus bringing presents to all the little boys and girls around the world. This iconic grandfatherly character of the winter holiday season represents generosity, kindness and goodwill toward all not to mention he has a loveable belly that jiggles like a bowl full of jelly. If you would like to surprise the children or kids at heart in your life, then it is easy to but together a Santa Clause costume that will make you exclaim ho, ho, ho!

Items needed to make your Santa Claus Costume

Items Needed:
Red sweatpants
Red crewneck sweatshirt
Pillow or “santa belly“
Black felt
Yellow felt
Three big black buttons
White faux fur
Santa hat
White beard and mustache kit
Wire spectacles


Step 1: Pick out a red pair of red sweatpants and a matching red sweatshirt that are a little roomy on you, because you’ll be stuffing the pillow underneath to make a amply–sized Santa belly. Cut the black felt long enough to fit around your pillow–expanded waist. From the yellow felt, cut a rectangle buckle shape and assemble both pieces of felt around the waist, glue onto the sweatshirt to secure and let dry.

Step 2: Sew or glue the three black buttons down the front of the sweatshirt, above the belt. Cut the faux fur into strips about four–inches wide. Glue these strips around the bottom of the sweatshirt as well as the cuffs.

Step 3: Plop a store bought Santa hat on your head. Use a white beard and mustache kit to achieve to furry facial hair of jolly ole St. Nick. Wear a pair of wire–rimmed spectacles so that you will be able to read and check your list of good boys and girls. Finally, wear a pair of black boots or black Wellies to finish off the Santa Claus look.

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