Make your own Sailor Costume

Ahoy, matey! If you live to sail the seven seas, then a sailor costume is the perfect costumes to make waves in. Everyone has the image of sailors coming home from war, dressed in their nautical best, and tossing their hats up in the air in celebration and giving a big kiss to their sweethearts. Put together your own sailor uniform that will have you in ship shape in no time.

Items needed to make your Sailor Costume

Items Needed:
Navy or white pants
Navy or white t–shirt
1 yard navy or white felt.
Gold or red trim
Glue gun
Color printer
Canvas deck shoes
Sailor hat


Step 1: The first thing you’ll need for a sailor costume is a pair of nautical–inspired pants. The traditional look is a pair of pants that has wide tapering legs with a distinctive button front closure. While these would give an authentic look to your sailor costume, any pair of pants will do the trick.

Step 2: For the top, start with the base of a white or navy t–shirt. Use a pattern for a sailor collar and cut out from the felt (the great thing about felt is that you don’t have to hem the edges). Heat up the glue gun and attach the gold or red trim to the perimeter of the sailor collar about 1–inch from the edge. Tie around your neck and you’ll have an almost instant sailor top!

Step 3: Search online for sailor symbols, such as a yellow anchor. Print out on a color printer, trim the edges and glue or safety pin to the arm or chest of your shirt.

Step 4: Complete your look with a pair of lace up or slip–on canvas deck shoes and a classic white sailor hat (the kind Popeye wears).

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