Make your own Rocky Horror Costume

As the longest running movie in history, the 1975 Rocky Horror Picture Show has gathered a cult–like following. Mostly shown as a midnight movie these days, fevered fans come to the theater dressed in Rocky Horror costumes to sing along to this movie and recite the lines. One of the most memorable characters from the cast is Dr. Frank–N–Furter, a deviant and flamboyant scientist who dresses in women’s lingerie. Having proclaimed to have discovered the “secret to life”, Frank is truly a mad man – but oh so sexy!

Items needed to make your Rocky Horror Costume

Items Needed:
Black underwear or brief–style bathing suit
Fish net thigh high stockings
Garter belt
High heel black shoes
Black corset top
Fingerless long black gloves
Black curly wig
Pearl necklace
Make up
Movie soundtrack


Step 1: Go tranny glam in a pair of black briefs, a Speedo or ladies pair of panties and add black fishnet stockings held up by a garter belt. You can go out and get all this stuff or just raid your favorite female’s stash.

Step 2: Make an even more towering impression in your Rocky Horror costume with a pair of high heels, any style including pumps, sandals and boots.

Step 3: For the top of the outfit, wear a black corset or vest that fastens up lace and eyelet style and a pearl necklace. You will also want a pair of long, opera–length black gloves that are fingerless, just cut the fingers off yourself. You will be oh–so delightfully dark!

Step 4: Add a shoulder–length curly black wig and an overkill of women’s makeup with bright red lips for the full Frank–N–Furter Rocky Horror costume.

Step 5: Get the movie soundtrack of this campy musical and belt out the tunes karaoke–style for a rockin’ rowdy time at your next get together with Riff–Raff, Magenta, Brad and Janet.

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