Make your own Robot Costume

Futuristic and fun, a Robot costume is the perfect way to automate your fun this Halloween. So oil up your rusty parts and get to tinkering around in the garage to create a robot costume in no time flat. From friendly robots in Star Wars, such as R2–D2 and C3PO to scary robots from the Terminator, robots are the stuff sci–fi is made up. Even the retro–inspired robots, such as Rodney Copperbottom, from the children’s animated movie “Robots” are a blast to dress up in. Below are some ideas to get you started on a robot costume that will work well in many genres and all you need is a trip to the home improvement store!

Items needed to make your Robot Costume

Items Needed:
Painter’s jumpsuit
Grey fabric dye
Silver boots, or
Boots and tin foil
Paint pens, permanent markets
5–gallon paint bucket
Rubber gloves – like yellow cleaning type
Silver spray paint


Step 1: To create the base for your robot costume, take a professional painter’s jumpsuit (usually white) and dye with grey fabric paint according to the manufacturer’s instructions. After jumpsuit is dyed, use fabric pains and/or permanent markers to create detailing on your robot costume such as a control panel, energy source, serial numbers and whatever else comes to mind.

Step 2: Wear a pair of silver robot boots, moon boots or even regular boots covered in foil to make your robot costume stand up and stand out.

Step 3: To create a robot’s head/helmet, take a 5–gallon painter’s bucket and cut out two holes where your eyes are for adequate vision. Also on the sides of the to opening, cut two semi–circle shapes that will fit down over your shoulders when the bucket is turned down and worn. Cutting heavy plastic may take a power tool, so adult supervision is necessary is recommended.

Step 4: Spray paint the bucket with metallic silver paint and the gloves as well. After paint has dried, use the remaining paint pens and markers to add detailing to your robot costume helmet and gloves.

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