Make your own Ricky Bobby Costume

Speed to the finish line in a fictional Ricky Bobby race car driver costume from the 2006 feature film Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Comedic actor Will Ferrell gives a hysterical performance as Ricky Bobby and all things redneck as an American Hero on the NASCAR race circuit. Get ready to head to the race track and burn rubber in an American born and bred Ricky Bobby costume made at home without a single corporate sponsor!

Items needed to make your Ricky Bobby Costume

Items Needed:
White jumpsuit
Access to internet
Color printer
Fabric printer “paper”
Fusible interfacing
Champagne Bottle
Large cup–style trophy
Black and white checkered flag


Step 1: A Ricky Bobby costume is a typical NASCAR drivers jumpsuit made in a one–piece style with a zipper up the front. These uniforms for safety as well as style and feature corporate logos emblazoned on the front and back like a walking billboard. For your Ricky Bobby costume, you can start with a professional painter’s jump suit or sew one with a pattern and fabric of your choice.

Step 2: To create the look of corporate sponsors, use your computer to search on the internet for logos of Ricky Bobby’s sponsors including Wonder Bread, Nextel and NASCAR. You can use your home ink–jet printer to print out your images on pre–made fabric sheets available at a craft store. Use a fusible interfacing product to iron on these “patches” according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 3: Next you’ll need a helmet to go with your Ricky Bobby costume. You can use a repurpose motorcycle helmet or purchase an inexpensive plastic costume helmet that can be painted as desired.

Step 4: After you make your victory lap, step out of your race car with all the paraphernalia of a winning driver such as a champagne bottle, large cup–style trophy or even a black and white checkered flag.

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