Make your own Rainbow Brite Costume

Rainbow Brite is a cheerful and fun cartoon character popular in the 1980s. It’s super easy to make your own Rainbow Brite costume that would be ideal for wearing to underground clubs, electric raves and hip Halloween parties. With just an inexpensive trip to Goodwill and the craft store, you can gather all the supplies needed to vanquish doom and gloom for ever. Long live Rainbow Brite!

Items needed to make your Rainbow Brite Costume

Items Needed:
Leotard or tank top in bright primary color
Mini skirt in bright primary color
2 pairs of rainbow striped knee–socks
Marabou trim (white) from craft store
6“ x 6“ piece of cardboard
12“ thin wooden dowel
Spray paint in bright color
Inexpensive curling ribbon in a rainbow of colors
Glue gun and glue sticks


Step 1: Dressing as Rainbow Brite means being as colorful as possible. Dig through your closet or hit a resale shop to find a bright solid color leotard and mini–skirt. Don’t worry if the colors are different, it’s actually more colorful not to match.

Step 2: Heat up glue gun and squirt out a line of glue around the bottom edge of mini skirt; working quickly, press marabou trim onto skirt. Cut off excess. If you have enough leftover marabou trim, line the neck and / or arms of your leotard in the same manner.

Step 3: Keep one pair of rainbow striped knee socks intact for your feet. Cut the other pair off at the ankles to make “arm warmers“. Use the hot glue gun to fold under raw edge and secure.

Step 4: Use a template or freehand draw a star shape that fills up the dimensions of the cardboard scrap. In a well–ventilated and protected area spray paint the star and dowel front and back in the color of your choice.

Step 5: After paint is dried, use glue gun to attach star to top of dowel. Tie on 1 foot lengths of curling ribbon under the star in as many pretty colors as you wish. This will be your Rainbow Brite wand.

On the day of your dress up event, wear your hair in two pony tails, tied with bright bows. Glitter makeup always adds a touch of the Eighties essence as do a pair of patent leather pumps. Another sweet accessory for your Rainbow Brite costume would be one of those jumbo–sized swirled lollipops.

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