Make your own Raggedy Ann Costume

Dress up as your childhood best friend, Raggedy Ann. This loveable, all–American doll has graced the playrooms of so many little girls and been the recipient of hugs and secret whisperings. It is totally doable to make your own Raggedy Ann costume with a few hours time and the right supplies you’ll look like a real doll!

Items needed to make your Raggedy Ann Costume

Items Needed:
Blue calico fabric
Prairie dress pattern
White pinafore
Red and white striped stockings
Mary Jane shoes
Red yarn wig or stocking cap and red yarn
Face paints


Step 1: You are going to have to break out the sewing machine for this one. Purchase bright blue calico fabric and a pattern for a prairie dress with a full skirt and full long–sleeves with a rounded collar. Follow the pattern instructions for completing the dress. If you want your dress to puff out, you’ll also need to purchase a petticoat.

Step 2: Layer a white pinafore over the Raggedy Ann dress. You can make the pinafore, but there are lots of aprons available, many with pretty Battenberg lace, that will work just fine.

Step 3: Wear red–and–white striped tights. If you are unable to find this type of stockings, then simple wrap your plain white tights with strips of red duct tape. Wear black Mary Jane shoes for a girlish look.

Step 4: Paint your face to resemble the Raggedy Ann doll; an all white foundation, rosy red circle cheeks and exaggerated smile lines around the mouth.

Step 5: Top off your look with a red yard wig. You can purchase a wig or actually make one with a red stocking cap and a couple skeins of red yarn. With a dull needle with a large eye, thread through a long length of yarn. Make giant loops of yarn all over the hat, knotting as needed to secure.

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