Make your own Rabbit Costume

Whether you plan to be hopping down the trail hiding candy–filled eggs or raising fan spirits as a team mascot, rabbit costume is sure to get your whiskers a twitter with excitement. You may even be planning to act out your favorite book or cartoon character such as Bugs Bunny or the Mad Hatter from “The Wizard of Oz”. It is not hard at all to make a rabbit costume that will be perfect from the ears down to the fluffy cotton tail.

Items needed to make your Rabbit Costume

Items Needed:
White fleece sweat pants
White fleece sweatshirt with hood
White faux food
Rabbit ears on headband or
Top hat with ears
Face paints
Whisker kit
White bath scruntchie
White sneakers


Step 1: Purchase a pair of white sweat pants and jacket. Cut faux fur into large patches to cover the back and front of the jacket (front will be in 2 pieces if it is zippered). Sew or glue these fur pieces onto jacket and let dry.

Step 2: To the back of the pants, sew or safety pin on a new white net “scruntchie” (the kind used in the bath or shower). This will create the bunny tail, or you could also glue on a mound of cotton balls, but that will be much messier.

Step 3: Create a rabbit face with makeup to create a white face and little black nose. Add the whiskers from a whisker kit for the complete Rabbit costume look. Soon you’ll be sniffing out a great time.

Step 4: As you head out the door, slip on a pair of white sneaker. Pull up the hood on your jacket; fasten the rabbit ears on top, and hop, hop, hop!

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