Make your own Prostitute Costume

Around the world from legalized brothels and store fronts to shady street corners and truck stops, being a prostitute is referred to as “the world’s oldest profession”. Also called hookers, call–girls, ladies of the evening, whores, hoochies and other slang names, these ladies (and sometimes men) peddle their (ahem) wares to “Johns” in exchange to the hottest commodity of all – money. Made to seem sexy and scintillating in the movies and on television, being a prostitute can actually be a rough, tough life. But, for Halloween or another fun dress up event, it does allow you to let loose with your wild side. In no time at all, you can fashion a prostitute costume from things you may already have, and start struttin’ the streets by sundown.

Items needed to make your Prostitute Costume

Items Needed:
Lycra pants
Halter or tube top
Thigh–high boots
Elbow length gloves
‘Big Hair” wig
Plenty of makeup
Hooker accessories


Step 1: Pick a pair of skin–tight lycra pants to advertise the fact that “baby’s got back”. Any color will do, but a leopard print or gold lame is highly desirable!

Step 2: For the rest of your bottom half, wear a pair of naughty over–the–knee leather boots with stiletto heels. Another alternative to the skin–tight pants look is a miniskirt or short–shorts and pair of fishnet hose!

Step 3: For your upper half, show off the goods with a revealing top such as a sequined tube top or a plunging halter. You should start charging for just a glance in your direction, because girl, you’ll be getting plenty! Also, create a come hither look with a pair of elbow length gloves pulled up over your bare arms – another item to slowly remove during a long tease!

Step 4: Fix your hair up according to the “bigger is better” rule. Curled, teased and tousled, you’ll be smokin’ hot in a long wig in the color of your choice. The “untamed wig” is perfect for a wild woman of the night!

Step 5: Accessorize your Prostitute costume with anything you thing might draw attention to yourself (prostitutes are not shy!). A clever lip–shaped purse on a gold chain or a pimp daddy by your side will give your prostitute costume a little extra “yowza”!

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