Make your own Prince Costume

There are many types of prince costumes from the aristocratic to rock royalty. A music–inspired Prince costume based on one of the biggest albums in rock history, “Purple Rain” by Prince and the Revolution will hit a high note. The songs on this soundtrack defined the 1980s era and the costume worn by Prince created an indelible image of “his purpleness”. If you are a fan, it is easy to make a Prince costume that will make everyone say “let’s go crazy”.

Items needed to make your Prince Costume

Items Needed:
Purple duster style coat or,
Purple fabric and coat pattern
Purple or black pants
White shirt with lace collars and cuffs
Black boots
Black shag wig
Gold–rimmed sunglasses
Inflatable guitar
Leopard print ribbon


Step 1: Track down a long, duster–style coat in purple. If you are unsuccessful finding the elusive purple coat, use purple fabric and a pattern to create the Prince costume look. You can use purple velvet, purple cotton or whatever you will be comfortable in.

Step 2: Under the coat, wear a white shirt with dramatic lace cuffs and a jabot. You can also purchase or make the jabot and cuffs to add onto a plain white dress shirt; make sure that the cuffs are peeking out from under the jacket sleeves and the jabot showing from the jacket lapels.

Step 3: Pair the coat and shirt with black or purple pants and black boots. Even if you are a guy, look for black boots with a bit of heel because Prince is short in stature and is know for wearing shoes to make him taller.

Step 4: For your above the neck Prince costume wig, add a black wig cut into a shag and slip on a pair of gold–rimmed glasses to keep you from squinting under the blinking paparazzi lights.

Step 5: For an impromptu jam session of “When Doves Cry” or “Purple Rain”, carry along an inflatable prop guitar with a leopard print strap made from ribbon.

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