Make your own Priest Costume

A priest is the leader of a church. While responsible for teaching and caring for the souls in a congregation, a priest does not have an intercessionary relationship with God. Know as loving, peaceful and compassionate men, a priest is someone who you can seek counsel with during times of trial and tribulation. It is easy to make a priest costume at home that will answer your prays about what to wear for Halloween.

Items needed to make your Priest Costume

Items Needed:
Black fabric
White cardstock
White fabric
Fabric scraps for appliqué
Wonder Under fusible interface
2 large tongue depressors
Leather string or,
Cross necklace
Bible or scrolls


Step 1: Priests dress in clerical street clothes that almost always feature a priest’s collar paired with a traditional cassock or clergy shirt. A cassock is a long, loose–fitting robe that can be created with several yards of black fabric and a pattern. Or, if you have your old black graduation robe, that will work as well!

Step 2: The clerical priest’s collar is the stiff white vestment that can be a full collar or a tab shown through a square cutout in the shirt collar. Make a full collar by cutting a piece of white cardstock long enough to be taped around our neck and about 1–inch wide.

Step 4: Often a priest is seen in service with a white (or other color) scarf hanging down in the front from around his neck. Create this scarf with a long length of white fabric embellished with simple cross appliqué. To create the appliqué, cut out two cross shapes out of fabric and fusible interfacing and iron on to the bottom of the scarf according to fusible interfacing directions.

Step 4: Make a cross necklace to wear with your Priest costume using two wooden tongue depressors glued together. Paint or embellish as you see fit and then punch a hole in the top and string with a leather cord to wear around your neck.

Step 5: Wear black shoes and bring along props that a priest might have such as a bible, parchment scrolls or rosary beads.

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