Make your own Power Ranger Costume

Power Rangers are the team of superheroes from the 1980s and 1990s that are still popular with kids today. They throw kicks and punches as well as the most skilled ninja and yet are still just teenage kids. Each ranger features a suit made from a specific color, everything from green to blue and red and yellow even pink! If you are a fan of these Japanese–inspired action characters, it is easy to make a Power Ranger costume at home.

Items needed to make your Power Ranger Costume

Items Needed:
Opaque tights (like running tights) in chosen color
Lycra long–sleeved shirt in chosen color
Extra large pair of socks that match
1 yard fabric in matching color
Fabric paint
Swords, nun chucks, etc


Step 1: Power Ranger costumes are skin–tight and stretchy so start with a pair of running tights in the color of your favorite character from blue, red, green, yellow, black and pink. Use fabric paint to add stripes and embellishments as worn by your chosen Power Ranger, let dry.

Step 2: For the top of your Power Ranger costume, add a tight long–sleeved Lycra shirt (such as an Under Armor shirt or something similar) found in an athletic store. Use fabric
paint to create stripes, the Power Ranger logo and other embellishments found on the costume of your favorite character; let dry.

Step 3: Wear over–size socks on top of your shoes in a matching color; this will give you the look of superhero boots.

Step 4: Using a pattern and matching fabric, create a hood that cover the neck and head attaching with Velcro. Use fabric paints to create detailing on the hood.

Step 5: Of course, any Power Ranger costume needs to be battle ready with a pretend sword, set of nun chucks or other fierce fighting accoutrements.

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