Make your own Playboy Costume

Smooth, sophisticated and admired by all the women (and works it to his advantage), a traditional Playboy is what people today would call a “player”. The term Playboy was coined from the chain of gentleman’s nightclubs launched by Hugh Heffner in 1960s. Of course, the “Hef” is the granddaddy of all playboys, who still gets around today dating many young women at a time. The stereotypical look is one that is ready to relax and entertain at home in a silky smoking jacket and slippers. Go ahead and live the lifestyle of your dreams in a Playboy costume that you put together at home.

Items needed to make your Playboy Costume

Items Needed:
Silky smoking jacket
White shirt
Loose black pants
Cigar or pipe prop


Step 1: Start your Playboy costume with a pair of comfy black pants and a white shirt. No need to buy anything special; just choose something appropriate out of your existing wardrobe. Add a debonair ascot to your collar in lieu of a tie.

Step 2: Slip into a silky smoking jacket, preferably with a shawl collar and paisley print in red, the color of amore. Loosely tie the sash around your waist and tuck a hankie into the inset pocket. Traditionally the smoking jacket was worn to protect the clothes from smoke odors, but today in is a statement of romantic style.

Step 3: No need to wear your loafers because slippers are the order of the evening in a Playboy costume. Go for a conservative black leather pair or a silky brocade pair that announce your flair for fashion.

Step 4: Finally, accessorize your Playboy costume with accoutrements fitting of a playboy such as a cigar, smoking pipe, scotch glass and even a copy of the iconic magazine tucked under your arm – or better yet, a bevy of blonde beauties at your side.

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