Make your own Pirate Costume

Sailing the seven seas, partaking in adventure and a bit o’ raucous merriment, pirates truly do live an enviable life! Although a pirate’s clothes can be a little travel–worn, they are still dandy by nature. Pirates fancy the finer things and life and are always ready to loot ships for fine fabrics and laces along with the gold. If it be a pirate’s life for ye, then you can put together a pirate costume that is sure to make waves both on the sea and in port.

Items needed to make your Pirate Costume

Items Needed:
Off–white peasant shirt
Black pants
Leather vest
Pirate boots
Dreadlock wig
Hoop earring
Eye patch or hook


Step 1: Find a good, billowy peasant shirt with full sleeves; ecru or off–white is best because it gives off an aged vibe. Pair this pirate shirt with black pants and a leather vest with a travel–worn patina.

Step 2: Pirate boots are a must; there are several styles but the most popular are over–the–knee boots that can be cuffed down.

Step 3: After spending a lot of time at sea, a pirate isn’t too worried about a short haircut and a shave. Wear a wig full of dreadlocks in the style of Captain Jack Sparrow and other famous pirates, or if you have longish hair just wear it messy. You can top your wild tresses with an inexpensive colorful scarf, such as a bandana, or a more pricey leather tricorne hat.

Step 4: Other details to attend to include jewelry (part of the loot, of course) including a large hoop earring in just one ear and maybe even a gaudy pinky ring. If you’ve been in one battle too many, your pirate costume could include an eye patch or a hand hook.

Step 5: Finally, a pirate costume needs some fierce weaponry to wield in case of a mutiny of the crew or a good bar fight. A cutlass sword with a beautiful curved blade and bejeweled handle would be just the touch.

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