Make your own Phantom of the Opera Costume

The lights and drama of Broadway has brought the story of “Phantom of the Opera“ to life. First penned by Gaston Leroux in the early 20th century, this popular tale is based on rumors that a true opera house ghost haunted the Paris Opera House. Dressing up and acting as the main character, Erik, takes a bit of madness, musical talent and his iconic costume. The formal and mysterious look of the disfigured character is easy to make at home with just a little work.

Items needed to make your Phantom of the Opera Costume

Items Needed:
Black trousers
Black vest
White tuxedo shirt
Black bow tie
Full, floor–length cape
Half face mask
White gloves
Black dress shoes


Step 1: The basic attire of Erik from the Phantom of the Opera is standard formal wear, preferably with a late Victorian–era flair. Black pants, a formal black vest and a white tuxedo shirt with bow tie starts the look. You may have these in your closet from a past prom or wedding, but if not, these items are easy to rent in a tuxedo shop or pick up inexpensively in a resale shop.

Step 2: Essential for a Phantom of the Opera costume is a full, floor–length black cape; just imagine Erik stalking through the halls silently except for the rustle of his voluminous cape. This character has been shown wearing either a black or red cape either in a traditional style or a “capelet“ version, so the choice is your yours.

Step 3: Black dress shoes and white gloves lend a dressed up look to this musical madman costume. You could also add a walking cane and pocket watch on a fob for the look of a Victorian gentleman.

Step 4: The absolute must–have with your Phantom of the Opera costume is a partial face mask to hide Erik’s facial disfigurement obtained at birth. The traditional look is glossy white that shields one eye and the surrounding cheek, but there are also styles that cover both eyes and half of the face down to the nose.

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