Make your own Phantom Costume

The Phantom is a superhero best known for his purple suit, the first skintight suit of comic crime fighters. The story goes that Phantom’s mission to stamp out cruelty and injustice started after he was a childhood victim of an evil pirate attack. If you are a fan of this avenger of rightness, then try on a Phantom costume yourself in fact, you can even make a Phantom costume that will make you look like you jumped right out of the comic books.

Items needed to make your Phantom Costume

Items Needed:
Purple tights
Long sleeve purple t–shirt
Black running shorts
Purple duct tape (find in craft store)
Purple fabric
Black eye mask
Black boots


Step 1: Achieve the superhero standard of fashion with a purple opaque pair of tights and a long–sleeved purple t–shirt. If these are hard for you to find, you can purchase white garments and dye them with Rit fabric dye according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 2: A phantom costume also features a pair of black and purple striped briefs. Create a more modest interpretation of this skintight look with a pair of black running shorts and purple duct tape. Simply cut the tape into approximately 1 “ width strips and attach to the shorts in a diagonal pattern.

Step 3: Following a pattern for a hood, cut out the pieces for purple fabric and sew according to directions. Typically, the pattern will call for Velcro to be used as a fastening device. If you want to forgo making a hood, use purple face paints and spray–in purple hair paint to achieve to pure purpleness of the Phantom.

Step 4: Finish off your Phantom look with a black eye mask and pair of black boots. You can also bring along any number of pretend weaponry, such as a pistol or a cutlass sword, that the Phantom was known to wield.

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