Make your own Peter Pan Costume

If you believe in never growing old, and honestly who does, a Peter Pan costume will put some wind beneath your wings. This Lost Boy who can fly and fights off pirates is straight from the imagination of author J.M. Barrie’s storybook who penned about his costume that everyone now recognizes. A Peter Pan costume is easy to make and, if you believe, will keep you young forever!

Items needed to make your Peter Pan Costume

Items Needed:
2 yards green fabric or rectangle–shaped plastic tablecloth
Brown belt
Green tights
Green cap
Red feather
Toy Sword


Step 1: Peter Pan is always shown wearing a green tunic with tattered, jagged edges. Even if you don’t sew, this is easy to make with fabric or even a green, plastic rectangle tablecloth. Fold the fabric / tablecloth in half lengthwise; measure the width of your body and cut the fabric down to be about 6–inches wider. In the center of the top fold cut out a triangle shape to be the neckline. Glue or sew the sides from the bottom to the top leaving about 6–inches clear for arm holes. Cut the bottom hem into pointy, jagged shapes that looks like it has been tattered from many adventures.

Step 2: Slip the tunic on as well as a pair of green tights (yes, men in tights). Secure the outfit at the waist with a brown belt. If you don’t have a leather belt, a simple jute cord will also work. You will also need a jaunty green cap with a red feather sticking out the side; sometimes these are referred to as Alpine caps.

Step 3: Accessorize your Peter Pan costume with a toy sword for battling your nemesis Captain Hook or even bring along a pretty girl dressed as his sassy sidekick, Tinkerbell.

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