Make your own Pebbles Costume

Straight from the fictional prehistoric town of Bedrock, comes the little cave girl cutie known as Pebbles. As the only daughter to Fred and Wilma Flintstone, Pebbles lives a life filled with “modern” Stone Age conveniences – who else gets a ride to school in a foot–powered car or has a pet dinosaur! In the Hanna Barbara cartoons, Pebbles is shown as a little girl and later a teenager. If you have a little bit of the Pebbles spirit in you, then it is easy to whip up a pretty little Flintstone frock for your next Halloween party

Items needed to make your Pebbles Costume

Items Needed:
Bright pink t–shirt
Black mini skirt or shorts
¼ yard black fabric
Fusible interfacing like Wonder Under
Black belt
Black shoes
Pink wig
Plastic bone prop


Step 1: Lay out your bright pink t–shirt and use scissors to cut jagged edges around the sleeve edges and bottom hem.

Step 2: Cut tennis–ball sized “animal spots” from black fabric with a corresponding spot cut from the fusible interfacing. According to manufacturer’s instructions for interfacing, iron on spots all over front and back of shirt in a random pattern.

Step 3: Pair your new Pebbles costume shirt with a black mini skirt or shorts. If you don’t mind messing up your bottoms, you can cut a jagged edge on those too. Wear a black belt cinched around your waist and black shoes of your choice.

Step 4: You’ll need a pink wig (or sometimes shown as red) for the complete Pebbles costume look. You can choose a wig that is already styled up in her pig–tail sitting on top of the head or you can style it yourself. To style it yourself, choose a pink wig that reaches below shoulder–length and brush upward, gathering all the hair at the top of your head. Secure with a rubber band and then fold down the pony tail and secure the ends to create a “loop”. Adorn the looped pony tail with a white plastic bone.

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