Make your own Oliver Costume

Oliver is a character from Charles Dickens novel, Oliver Twist. Oliver is described as a poor urchin of a boy from 19th century industrial London. An interesting literary choice to dress up as for your next party or play, an Oliver costume is equally suited to a child or adult. No need to buy an Oliver costume because it is easy to get this down and out look by wearing old clothing or visiting a garage sale. Clothes that are too big, are worn and tattered and have a lower–class Victorian era vibe are perfect.

Items needed to make your Oliver Costume

Items Needed:
Newsboy style hat
Brown shoes


Step 1: Choose an oversized white or beige shirt; collars in the era were tab–style, so simply flip up the collar and cut it off where the collar band attaches. Wear the sleeves rolled up.

Step 2: Select a pair of drab grey or brown short that hit below the knee, or cut off a pair of trousers to fit accordingly. Belts were not worn at the time, so a pair of suspenders would fit in well and will hold up your britches if they are too big.

Step 3: Hit the vintage stores and try to find a retro style waistcoat, perhaps in tattered velvet. Because Oliver was known for his shabby clothes any jacket with a worn look will work.

Step 4: Tie a long scarf with fringe around your neck to keep warm when you’re walking the streets in the cold. The scarf will look best if it is knitted and moth eaten. Gather up a pair of old knit gloves and cut off the fingers for a functional style. On the feet add brown work boots and woolen socks.

Step 5: A newsboy style hat is just the thing for a Cockney English boy. You can make one from herringbone or tweed wool from a pattern or pick one up in a store.

Step 6: Rub some charcoal on your face to look like dirt and soot and play up the hardships and tough life of Oliver.

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