Make your own Olive Oil Costume

Olive Oil (also known as Olive Oyl) is the romantic friend of Popeye the Sailor Man. This comic strip cutie is portrayed as very tall, thin and somewhat gangly. Dressed in the flapper fashions of the 1920s, Olive oil was a little boy crazy being engaged to another guy at the time and flirting around with other men. Although they bickered a lot, she and Popeye were truly one happy couple. Make the sailor in your life happy by making an Olive Oil costume for your Halloween costume this year.

Items needed to make your Olive Oil Costume

Items Needed:
Long sleeve red shirt
Black knee–length skirt
Yellow–gold trim
½ yard white felt
Black wig
Black high–heel pumps


Step 1: Olive Oil dressed in the slightly boyish, but still feminine style of the Flapper era popular in the Twenties. Start with a long–sleeved red blouse or shirt that has a plain front. Create a scalloped collar from the white felt; measure the diameter of your neck and add a couple inches, next draw this circle in the center of the felt with a permanent marker. Around this circle, draw an approximate 4–inch wide scalloped border – the whole effect will resemble a flower. A straight cut on the back will allow you to slip it around your neck over the red blouse.

Step 2: To make the black skirt picture–perfect, simple sew or glue golden–yellow trim several inches from the bottom around the entire perimeter.

Step 3: Finish off the Olive Oil costume with a black wig pulled back into a bun and a pair of black high–heel shoes – Mary Janes would be perfect. Bringing along a baby doll wrapped in a blanket as Sweet Pea.

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