Make your own Old Lady Costume

Are you the little old lady who lived in a shoe with way too many kids or Red Riding Hood’s poor grandma gobbled up by the wolf? Maybe you just want to dress up as a stereotypical grandmother character with a grey bun, granny dress and spectacles for a school play or even Halloween party. From baking and knitting to rocking in the chair, being an old lady isn’t too bad. Believe it or not, it is fun to act older and wise before your time, and making an old lady costume at home is the perfect solution. You can even raid your granny’s closet for some clothes to start off your elderly style.

Items needed to make your Old Lady Costume

Items Needed:
Long skirt, or
Fabric and pattern
White blouse
Cameo Pin
Grey wig or
Bobby Pins
Faux spectacles
Granny boots


Step 1: Look for a long skirt in your grandmother’s closet or a resale shop. If you can’t find one, shop for fabric and a pattern to make a long skirt. Appropriate fabrics to choose include dark colors or old–fashioned calico prints.

Step 2: Pair your skirt with a prim and proper white blouse preferably with a high ruffled neck. Add a cameo brooch or pin at the top of the buttons at the neck for a turn–of–the–century look.

Step 3: Most old ladies are typecast with grey hair. You can either purchase a grey wig to wear or if you have dark hair you can sprinkle it with baby powder for a grey hair look. Make sure to wear your hair in the standard elderly style, a bun pulled onto the back of your head; secure with bobby pins if needed.

Step 4: Finish off your old lady costume with a pair of lace–up granny boots and a pair of faux spectacles. You could even bring along a tray of cookies or scarf that is half knit.

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