Make your own Octoberfest Costume

Over 16 days every year in Germany, beer–lovers unite for the largest celebration of beer around the world. Known as Octoberfest, this festival is celebration in many other cities as well and features folks dressed up in traditional German–inspired costumes. If you can’t find a real German costume, such as a Lederhosen or a Drindl, it is simple to make one at home.

Items needed to make your Octoberfest Costume

Items Needed:

For Men:
Wool Pants, cut off at knee
Several yards of embroidered trim 1 –2“ wide
Safety pins
White shirt
Knee socks
Alpine hat with feather

For Women:

White peasant blouse
Simple skirt, gathered on waistband
1 – 2 yards embroidered trim 1 2“ wide
Square scarf
Knee socks
Blonde wig with two braids


For Men: Cut off wool pants and hem above knee and hem under. Make suspenders by safety pinning embroidered trim (in German floral looking pattern) to waist band on front and back. Pin additional trim on between the two suspenders to make an “H“ shape, the familiar look of the Lederhosen. Men can finish off the Octoberfest outfit with a basic white shirt, heather grey knee–socks and a pair of clogs plus a jaunty Alpine–style cap with a small feather sticking out the side.

For Women: A women’s Octoberfest costume starts with a white, peasant shirt. The more gauzy and billowy the shirt, the better. The Drindl skirt is very straightforward; it is a knee–length skirt that is lightly gathered at the waist, falling straight down. You can easily sew a Drindl with approximately 1 yard of fabric. Sew selvages of fabric together; fold top down and bottom up and sew along edges to create a drawstring casing on one side and hem on the other. Open part of seam and run ribbon through casing; gather to fit waist. Sew or use glue gun to adhere embroidered trim along the perimeter of the skirt’s hem. Add knee socks, clogs and wear your hair in two braids with a kerchief tied over the top. If you don’t have long hair, there are many braided wigs available on the internet.

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